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GreenGeek advantage


What we do

We safely destroy all data according to military standard, refurbish, upgrade, install, customise with our own unique software installation. GreenGeek professionally refurbished computers are complete internet/office/multimedia ready, easy to use, virus resistant, and configured to save energy!

Green recycling reuse

  • we reuse, which is favourable to recycling
  • use greenest methods for reuse and recycling
  • minimise transportation by keeping computers local
  • satisfying the WEEE Directive 2002/96/EC
  • GreenGeek use green transport, electricity, reused IT and office equipment

Green computing

  • configure computers for reduced energy consumption
  • use energy saving software
  • understand and promote green computing
  • we check the energy usage and rate our products


  • taxpayers save money by preventing expensive disposal of old equipment
  • companies save money by using local disposal instead of paying for expensive disposal
  • we offer green and ethical credentials for corporate customers

Community based

  • we are a local, not-for-profit social enterprise
  • we are based in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire
  • we provide services for local charities, social enterprises, not-for-profit and community organisations


We have the following experience:
  • decades in IT
  • over a decade in Open Source Software
  • local reselling of recycled electrical items
  • local recycling
  • local community sector
  • local community leadership qualification
  • we are PAT trained
  • we are PAT trainers
  • we are experts at computer energy saving

Warranty and safety

  • products are covered by a 6 month RTB warranty
  • products are electrical safety tested (PAT tested)
  • all products have been permanently and safely data wiped to military standard

Latest technology

  • use the latest Open Source Software (OSS) technology where possible (e.g. Linux)
  • this doubles the useful lifetime of recycled hardware
  • this keeps our costs down and allows us to pass on that saving to customers
  • GreenGeek have developed a unique, customised software installation

Mr. Stephen Fry introduces you to free software, with a Happy birthday to GNU.


GreenGeek provide opportunities

  • volunteers gain hands-on IT experience, training, leading to qualifications
  • experience can be gained in the newest software, computer refurbishment, office administration, networking, customer support, and business

"GreenGeek 123 - 1st for 2nd use in the 3rd sector"