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  1. What warranty do I have?

    All products in-store: Unless stated otherwise, all refurbished products are covered by a 6 month RTB warranty. That covers parts and labour. The warranty doesn't cover virus/malware infections, problems caused by changes to the hardware/software/settings, or any related issue caused by the user including physical damage, or liquid spillages. Opening the cover may invalidate the warranty. In the unlikely event that a fix is not possible inside the warranty period, then an alternative product of similar or greater value will be substituted. 

    Refurbished Laptops and Online sales: Are covered by 30 day RTB warranty as above.

    Refurbished Laptops: The following exceptions are not covered by the above warranty: battery, charger socket and plug, screen issues, exceptional wear and tear, dropped, hard disk failures due to dropping/heat/misuse, overheating.

    Extended RTB warranties are available for 6, and 12months in total. The above terms apply.

  2. What is the username and password?

    By default:

    the username is user

    and password is password

  3. What are the main things I should know about my Linux computer?

    In general you can not run programs made for MS Windows. "Wine" is software that does allow you to run some programs - see" target="_blank">

    Software support, release notes

    Support is generally found online, e.g.

    Top 10 things to know

    Comprehensive general comparison

    Which printers are supported

    Which scanners are supported

  4. I've heard great things about Microsoft Windows 7, do I need to upgrade?

    Generally, unless you have a recent computer, installing Windows 7 will probably not be beneficial.

  5. Is Linux more secure than Microsoft Windows?

  6. I have heard good things about antivirus/firewall XYZ, your computers have ABC. Why?

    We do a lot of research and have extensive computer virus repair experience. We only select the best free software. We will not sell you commercial versions as we believe our selections give the best protection and value.

  7. Why use free software?

    We believe software as a service works better than software as a product. We aim to bring that modern computing paradigm to all our customers at low cost.

  8. Why does my computer automatically login?

    We set all computers to automatically login for ease of use. Feel free to stop that, and/or create more accounts.

  9. What do I have to do to keep my computer in good shape?

    All our computers are set to automatically update software. Every now and again you can

    • Linux machines you should also run the update manager every now and again to update non critical software
    • Windows machines run the installed de-fragment utility (you can even set this to run automatically if you wish)
  10. Further Help with my computer

  11. Which web browser do you recommend?

    Google Chrome is the safest browser. Firefox with some security additions is also very good. Always use the latest version to have the latest security fixes.

  12. What about my Internet connection?


    All computers are broadband ready. To physically connect your computer, and getting it online you must check with your broadband provider. We can advise you with this, and we offer a home install service to do this for you.

    Mobile (3G) dongles

    Please check with us about compatibility.

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  1. Why buy from GreenGeek?

    We provide a local, friendly, and trusted service by informed, trained and qualified staff. We pride ourselves in offering good value by recommending (where possible) the best free software for both Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms.

  2. Which computer should I buy?

    To make things clear, we have 3 categories:

    Starter - cheapest way to get you online for basic surfing, etc (from £69.99-£99.99)

    Standard - general use (£99.99-£119.99)

    Premium - general use, most powerful (from £119.99)

    All computers are broadband (internet) ready, and come with lots of software installed, a free monitor, and a warranty! They all have a choice of Windows or Ubuntu Operating Systems. If you have any questions, we do give friendly buying advice in our shop. We also build Custom to order.

  3. Do we sell laptops?

    Yes. We do get very few laptops donated, and not all pass our high standard refurbishment. Due to the high demand and short supply, they cannot be reserved.

  4. What operating systems (OSs) are available?

    Desktops: Microsoft XP, Ubuntu, Lubuntu

    Additionally: Microsoft 7, Vista, Mac OS X, collectors (Amiga etc), and any Linux distribution

    Servers: CentOS

    Additionally: Ubuntu server

  5. What are Linux (Ubuntu, Lubuntu) computers?

    They are fast, do not get viruses, and are well suited for safe and easy internet browsing. Note that software designed for Windows computers does not run on them. It still may be possible to run some Windows software using Wine emulation. 

  6. Combining multiple discounts

    The maximum single discount is applicable. Only one discount applies and cannot be combined.

  7. Do we buy laptops?

    Yes, we pay cash for laptops, netbooks, and tablets. We give you a quote the same day after inspecting. Note we require proof of address and a photo ID.

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  1. What is our privacy policy?

    Disposal - all donated computers have been data destroyed beyond recovery, no data is viewed or copied

    Sales - all computers have been data destroyed beyond recovery

    Repair - no data is copied, stored or viewed without consent

    Online sales -  this is handled securely by Paypal and/or Google checkout

    Website - no personal data is collected or stored

    Customer - no customer information is given to other organisations. The exception is with permission for funding bodies

    Support - no data is used without consent

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